21 thoughts you have at an Adele concert

Last week I was lucky enough to be taken to see ADELE with my mum. I had never seen her before but after following her for years, I can confidently say she is one of my favourite artists. My mum and I set off after work; full of excitement and wearing matching embroidered shirts! Here are the thoughts that I and probably many others had whilst there: 

1. Why is the station it told me to go to so far away from the stadium?

2. Okay this is very high

3. Don't spill your drink on their heads. Don't spill your drink on their heads. 

4. Okay, you're not going to stand- bum in your face then!

5. There is no way I am doing that all again to wee

6. Is that her, no it's not...is it? 


8. This is my favourite song ever!

9. No this is my favourite song ever.

10. Where's my phone? I must capture this moment!

11. I don't need to capture the person behind me singing, I hope I don't sound that bad 

12. No way, fireworks?! 

13. She is the only artist who I am not annoyed about talking between songs

14. NOOOO this is my favourite song

15. I am going to have no voice tomorrow and I do not care!!

16. Please don't be the last song

17. I cannot cope, she is amazing!!

18. That was the best concert I have ever been to

19. I think I probably need all of the merchandise, ooh an Adele cup PERFECT. 

20. How much? I'll just take home the memories

21. This journey home is going to suck....

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