14 things you learn when you move out

When I was younger I remember dreaming about adulthood, and all of the exciting things that I would have and I would be able to do. But when I moved out at 18 to go to uni and now I am living in the second place with Henry; there are definitely some things I didn't think I'd learn about 'adulting' and especially about living away from parents!

1. There is always washing up to do, but in the morning you will never have washed up the things you want.
2. There are always clothes to deal with. They need washing, drying, folding, putting away! And let's not even talk about ironing!!
3. Speaking of clothes where have all my PAIRS of socks gone (and why are his socks so big?!)
4. Cleaning products and extra cutlery are more important that you'll first realise!
5. Toilet roll, for something so essential, is really expensive and is nearly always running out
6. Rent is way more expensive than you realised or planned for!
7. No matter how much you plan a food shop you will always get home and want something else!
8. You can never have enough home decor.. candles, plants, pointless stationary
9. There is always a lot of home decor you no longer like/need/want just sitting on the side being annoying
10. All those herbs your mum uses in cooking? You actually need to buy and stock up on them. Often.
11. You're never too old to make a Den
12. The best thing is watching whatever you want, wearing whatever you want, eating whatever you want!
13. Long baths are amazing, but expensive things... who knew all those lush products you love didn't come cheap!
14. Going home to your parents is still the best thing you can do, how do they always have so much food?

What lessons did you learn when you moved out?

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