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Brighton Girl and I were invited along to Issac At last week to try their current, but ever changing and developing, tasting menu. Issac At is a small restaurant in the north laines, made up of an entirely 20-something staff the team are clearly passionate and driven! I loved the simple decorations, with an open kitchen and stunning photography on the wall; we especially enjoyed the screens around the restaurant allowing us to see into the kitchen. 

The Menu and Atmosphere

We were greeted at the door by the restaurant manager in front of us and the open kitchen to the left. Our table was set with a stack of cutlery to our right, in a brand new wooden cutlery holder and with our menu in front. I loved the excitement of the menu being bound in a cord and the unravelling of the menu to be presented with your tasting menu for the evening. 

Alongside the menu itself was a list of ingredients with information on their 'mileage' perfectly demonstrating the locally sourced ethos that runs throughout the Issac At experience. 
Thirdly, there was a comprehensive list of British wines which you could either order as glasses or bottles or alternatively opt for a kind of tasting menu of wines- with various wines, presented by the very likeable and accommodating manager and sommelier, with each plate.

The Food 

Although we were offered a six-course menu we were actually blessed with eight courses. 
Beginning with a pre-starter of a blanched asparagus tip served with a variety of gels and charcoal mayonnaise, with small lemon grass leaves. It was a fresh and clean start to the meal served on a pristine slate plate. 

Next came another additional course of 'bread and butter'. Still warm stout and onion bread served with a caramelised onion brioche and homemade butter. Each was served warm, straight out of the oven.

The starter was a charred asparagus served in an asparagus gazpacho with hazelnut oil for me, and a burnt sugar sauce for Fanny. Alongside the perfectly crisp asparagus was an egg yolk foam with a delicate texture and smooth aftertaste of egg yolk.

For the fish course; I was served perfectly seasoned and flaking baked lemon sole, and Fanny had a beautiful treacle-coated celeriac. Both served with a smooth, if not a little salty, mash and crunch of leaves. I tried both and they were outstanding!

Next, a roasted carrot served with crunchy pickled purple carrot and a smooth carrot and star anise sauce. The roasted carrot was bitter on the outside with a smooth and sweet inside, served with a contrasting sour pickled carrot.

For the main course we were again served separate meals; I had the lamb chump that had been cooked on the fat and rendered down to a perfectly pink and smooth lamb. Served with a wilted coriander and lamb sauce. 
For the vegetarian course, Fanny had an aubergine cooked in miso and soy served with an aubergine puree, both looked, smelt and tasted delicious.

Next a beautifully smooth and highly flavoured pear and elderflower sorbet. Served in a beautiful shell-like plate the sorbet was smooth and full of both the pear and elderflower flavour; I especially liked that the sorbet had the texture of a fresh pear. 

The pudding was, for me, the highlight of the meal. A rhubarb sorbet served with whipped custard and a paper-thin pink peppercorn meringue. The sorbet was refreshing with tiny butter biscuits which melted in the mouth. The contrast of the heat of the peppercorn, cool sorbet and sweet meringue made a perfect contrast and amazing dessert.

To end we had miniature almond cake, vegan truffle for Fanny, and a burnt apple fudge. Perfect sweet bites to end an amazing meal!

The Allergies 

I cannot praise the restaurant highly enough for their allergy awareness. Fanny and I had separate but equally delicious looking menus.  The open kitchen and fact that each chef in the kitchen served us, and everyone else, their plates meant a personalised touch. I loved that even with allergies it didn't feel like anyone missed out. 

This meal was absolutely stunning, each element was considered and presented beautifully. The fact that all ingredients were sourced locally and the menu was diverse added an excitement to the meal. The food was fine dining but the atmosphere was welcoming and staff friendly. Fanny and I loved our meal out I can't wait to go back for another tasting menu.

All stunning photography by the amazing Fanny Beckman head over to her website to see more of her work.... 

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I was invited to Franco Manca in exchange for a review, but all views are my own or Fanny's


  1. Ahhhh I'm so glad you enjoyed your meal here! I used to be the old restaurant manager when they first opened and everything​ you mentioned I know the guys will appreciate you noticing. It's all those little details that make Isaac At so special :) Sophia x

    1. Hi Sophia! Thanks of the comments, I loved it there. You can really tell how much they all enjoy what they do and love the food. Are you still working in restaurants? x


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