Seeing Kate Tempest live

Writing for events and gigs isn't something I usually do but I can confidently say I went to the most amazing and inspirational concert I have ever been too on Friday and wanted to share it with all of you.

Kate Tempest is the guest director for the Brighton Festival; meaning that the festival is run to fit with her vision. She has added some amazing elements this year including venues in the outskirts of Brighton and better inclusivity of the shows that are running. 

Henry and I were lucky enough to get tickets one of her concerts during the final weekend of the Brighton Festival. Beginning the show with poetry and music from Australian born artist REMI and other guest artists. She performed, with her amazing three person band, a specially extended live show of her latest album with additional poetry and a brand new song.

She performed each piece with a complete commitment to the words she was saying and a clear love for the music that she was a part of. With a mix of storytelling, political statements and observations of the world it felt as if each person in the room was really listening. It is rare in a gig to have every person in the room complete silent and still watching the performance on stage but there were many moments like that. And, in contrast, there was never a break in the music. She even commented on her enjoyment and 'not giving you time to clap', there was a continuous message being portrayed and music being played which made the concert keep a constant level of excitement and anticipation. 
She connected each piece with a story of 7 strangers in the flats at 4.18 in the morning, speaking about the reasons they were awake and the person that they were, who come together in the rain. A story within her own stories. 

Her laid-back nature on stage with her shoes off, incense in hand and bright red socks made the whole concert, although it was in the beautiful but very large Brighton Dome, feel intimate. Her messages were well received and listened to and by the end, I saw more than one of the audience members crying.

I don't have any photos or videos from the gig. She asked at the beginning of people to not try to enjoy the gig through a screen; I was honestly so involved with the words and the music I didn't want to get my phone out anyway. But I cannot recommend going to see her for yourself this summer, or listening to her online, highly enough. 
The quotes from many of her pieces are still with me:

"you can either be a beauty, a beast. Or a bitch"

"there is so much peace to be found in people faces"

"wake up and love more" 

"yes our children are brave but their mission is vague"

To name but a few. Even if you don't agree with all of her messages her passion is captivating and although politically charged and deeply thought-provoking, the music is high energy and 'dance worthy' partly down to the stunning artists she had on stage with her. 

In the interest of inclusivity the concert was actually live streamed on the Brighton Dome website, if you have a few hours have a watch for yourself, it may not be up for long!

What was your favourite thing that you saw during the Brighton Festival? Let me know in the comments or @brightonbbblog

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