Roast at The Reservoir, Brighton

I am forever on the search for a good roast, at a reasonable price. Last Sunday Henry and I decided to venture back into Hanover, where we lived when we first got together, to find a pub and more importantly a roast. We tried the usual spots with not much luck and then stumbled upon here, The Reservoir. We knew of this pub when we lived in Hanover as it was the only place you could have a SmoQue Grill burger. It had a really nice layout with only one free table; always a good sign.

The Restaurant

With a classic pub feel, I loved the lay out of the restaurant. With a large selection of tables sitting between 2 and 6 including the classic games tables. The restaurant is open so that you can see the chef, a small kitchen but a quick service and helpful staff. Downstairs is a cosier layout with large sofas and dimmer lighting, perfect for a private party.

The Menu

I was really impressed with the menu selection, with the special being a vegan option of a nut roast there was something for everyone. I opted for the lamb and Henry got the roast beef. All were served with all the trimmings and although the cheese option didn't come as standard I appreciated the option to have it as an extra. 

The Meal

Both mine and Henry's meats were cooked perfectly, with a large serving for both of us. The Yorkshire pudding was a great size, although I never finish them, and was soft in the middle with a crispy edge. Although they don't look it here, both the carrots and parsnips, in a honey glaze, were amazing; crispy on the outside whilst still tender on the inside.
I prefer my cabbage fried but with a generous serving of greens including broccoli, it was a nice addition to the plate. Talking of additions, the butternut squash puree. If I'm honest I wasn't really a fan of this, it was slightly bitter and tasted more like pumpkin than butternut squash. It wasn't to my taste but if you like pumpkin I am sure you would like it, it was smooth and well seasoned.  

The special mentions however have to be the roast potatoes!! The crispy edges weren't too hard and the inside was light and fluffy; a perfect way to soak up the second mention THE GRAVY. I don't know if I have ever had gravy left over but we both did!

Both of our roasts were £13.50 and with drinks the bill came to £35. We will definitely be going back for another roast, and this time I will definitely be trying one of their puddings!

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Have you found any new pubs for a decent roast recently in Brighton? Let me know on twitter or Instagram

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