My 6 Inspirational Women

It's the day after International women day. International women day can mean a lot of things to different women but for me I like to use today to think of the women who inspire me; the women who empower me to push further, ask for me and keep going. I think that is is important, the day after international womens day to continue to support and acknowledge the positive women in our life.
These women are from all walks of life; some I know, some I love and some I am yet to meet but they are all important to me and they all inspire me in their own way.

Hannah Gale

Hannah's was actually the first blog that I ever read, she inspired me not only to start writing my blog to be confident in my blog. To not worry too much what people think and to be open with what I love. I love the honesty in all of her posts, she has a pretty ‘instagrammable’ life but she is not afraid to show the other side. The Netflix nights and the loneliness of freelance, the bad skins days but the great food posts.


Not only is she the deputy editor of Brighton girl but she also runs her own company as a make up artist. Having only known her for a few months she has already inspired me to be the best me; she is forever inspiring other Brighton girls to usitlise their talent and passions and supporting them in having the confidence to write what they feel, or say what they feel which is a true skill.

Gracie Francesca

She is called the internets Big sister and I completely understand why. Her open confidence, with admittance of her own mental health, makes me feel stronger in myself. She shows that it is okay to admit when you are struggling but it also okay to be absolutely feeling yourself on some days! Her recent podcast with Emma Gannon had some amazing quotes and i listened to it at least 5 times in a row.. she is the person whose posts i go to when i am feeling down. I spend a lot of my day giving advice to other people and sometimes its nice to just “be told”

Viola Davis

As probably the most famous person on this list, I am sure most of you will know who she is. There is no need to go into why she is inspirational; what a difference she has made to people who know her and how many boundaries and expectations she has essentially smashed. The only black actor to be nominated for an academy award, Emmy award and Tony award, and the only black women to be nominated for three academy awards. In her personal life she has been an advocate for supporting communities and adoptions and in her professional life she has held some important roles; not forgetting her role in the series How to get away with murder. In which she stars as a fierce and self confident lawyer whose character develops throughout.

Pippa Moyle

Pippa is someone I have known a lot about other the last year but never really got to know; I am lucky enough to have now met her and to be honest.. she inspires me! From her journey on her blog to her transition to a full time CEO of Brighton Girl, she has shown me that if you are committed and believed in your goals you can absolutely achieve them. I am lucky enough to be a part of Pippa’s business Brighton Girl, a community that has shown me that it is okay to ask for help.

My Mum

She inspires me each and every day. She is my person. 

From being adopted at a young age, moving cities in her teens and becoming a young mother in her late teens she has risen to be a self employed maternity nanny with a beautiful home, wife and family. My mum inspires me every day to never let a challenge stand in my way, to always believe in myself and to be proud of the person I am. She is a fantastic mother, wife and worker and she inspires me to be the best me. 

Which women inspire you? Let me know in the comments.

All pictures are not mine but taken from their instagrams.

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