Our Brighton beach walk

There are so many amazing things about living in Brighton! The historic buildings like the pavilion, the independent stores in the Laines and the beautiful country side of Devils Dyke, but my favourite thing to do on a Sunday is to take a long walk along the beach with my other half and a bit of sunshine!

Everyone does it differently but our root tends to start technically in Hove, with the beautiful beach buts and the quiet seaside, past hove lawns with the ball games and barbecues, alongside the beautiful peace statue. To the slightly sad but gorgeous west pier and then all the way along to the Doughnut (I have no idea of the purpose of this but its great) and finally to the Brighton Pier. 

I can't recommend anything more than this walk; for locals and tourists. It's the best way to get some gentle exercise and appreciate this beautiful city!


  1. ah how lucky are we? Have you tried the walk in Hangelton. Theres a little car park next to the vets up there that has a lovely pathway that leads all the way to the downs. Such pretty views x

    1. My mum lives just down the road from there and I absolutely love that walk! So lucky to have all of the option in this city!!


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