Krispy Kremes valentines doughnuts

I can never resist a promotional offer, especially not when it involves food. So when Krispy Kreme announced their exclusive Valentines gift box I had to go and grab one. The box comes with three different doughnuts all with something special for that special someone..or for yourself when you're feeling ill and its snowing outside!

Make sure you head down to Krispy Kreme's soon though as the offer only runs from the 11th-14th of February! 

Dark chocolate brownie batter 

Filled with brownie batter and topped with dark chocolate, this one promised to be the most indulgent of the three. The chocolate shavings on top added an extra colour. 
This was essentially just chocolate..upon chocolate. The centre was rich and smooth and with the addition of the flakes of chocolates it added an extra sweetness to break it all up.

Strawberry and white chocolate Cheesecake

This one looks the most impressive for me; I love a heart shaped dessert for valentines day! This one is filled with the strawberry and chocolate cheesecake filled and topped with white chocolate and white chocolate shavings.
I wasn't a massive fan of this one; the cheesecake filling was way to thick for me. However, Henry absolutely loved this one. I think this is for the sweet tooth out there

Salted Caramel

This was the flavour I was most excited by, because like every basic 20 something I LOVE a salted caramel dessert. The doughnut is filled with the salted caramel, dipped in a maple icing and topped with white chocolate and honeycomb pieces. 

Give me 10 more of these please! This one was absolutely perfect; a great amount of filling with the crunchy honeycomb pieces on top.. a perfect balance of salty and sweet.

Feeling inspired?
Check out for my Valentines bakes and treats post because the only thing that says I love you more than sweet homemade sweet treats.

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