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I love living in Brighton; there are so many amazing places to eat and foods to try but as the 'new London' sometimes I am not a fan of the prices! So myself and my mum decided to take it into our own hands, could we have a day in Brighton trying food but for free?

We started off with my favourite independent tea shop; Bluebird Tea company.

The staff are always amazing in there and there are always plenty of free samples, as soon as we walked in the door we were offered a glass of Mowgli's fire chai. It was a sweet tea with 'jungle fruits' and Roobius. As someone with an orange allergy it can be difficult to find fruity teas but this was amazing, with no orange or peel in sight!

Any local Brightonions will know that along with offering free tea there are also tea dispensers outside of the shop; on that day it was spiced pumpkin pie. Which, by chance, I had brought a few days before so knew how amazing it was! I think with the change of seasons its not available anymore but I'm looking forward to the Christmas tea!!

They have also recently, or recently to me, started to sell Brighton Raw Honey with Matcha tea powder. I tried the honey with no additional flavours and it was gorgeous; I love that it is local produce and the matcha powders health benefits mean that a sweet treat can have benefits too.

After that we decided to head to the Brighton Open Market; a hub of Brighton local food produce and always a chance for a cheeky sample!

I am an absolute sucker for fudge; its essentially flavoured sugar with cream so you just can't go wrong! Unfortunately due my mum's nut allergy the task for trying them fell to me!

I tried the triple berry, salted caramel, spiced pumpkin and peanut butter; all of them were all amazing!!

We also went to producer of honey; I tried the local Brighton and Hove raw honey with lemon.

Our final stop (another sweet treat of course) had to be the famous Boho Gelato. We seemed to be the only people crazy enough to have ice cream in this weather so we were lucky enough to try a range of flavours. Boho gelato have an ever changing range of flavours but every time I have been they are perfect; always smooth and both the sorbets and gelato are always full of flavour.

We did end up buying a scoop each after we had tried a few including; nerdy grape, cherry pie, strawberry basil and black pepper and marmalade.

These are Gingersnap and sour cherry; which were our top two and absolutely amazing.. even if a bit cold in weather like this!

All in all I think that we managed to do well on our budget, even if all the things we tried were sweet.  Are there any place in Brighton where you could recommend for free or budget snacks? Let me know on twitter @brightonbb

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