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No matter what the season Brighton always has something to offer, and with Octoberfest starting on the first I couldn't turn down some of the amazing food on offer. If you don't know about Octoberbest head over to the link here. Essentially the 20 best restaurants in Brighton have all collaborated to offer £20 menus and deals between the 1st and 15th of the month. 

The Restaurant and The deal 

As a family, we decided the first place we were going to head to would have to Curry Leaf cafe. With an offering of Mughal tandoori chicken with a Garlic and coriander naan, it was a great meal option for all. Served alongside the curry and naan was a Vegetable thoran and Beetroot raita rinsed down with a whole Pint of Burning Sky Arise.

The food 

My only reservation was the size of the meal so we did opt for some mini popadoms served with a sweet mango chutney, a tomato dip which was a delicious mix of spice and tomato and finally a tamarind dip which was my personal favourite. The mothers also opted for the gunpowder popcorn- popcorn with gunpowder spice mix and fresh herbs; for me, although a great idea, they were just too hot! I had one and sneezed for a good few minutes! I didn't really understand the lime either.. who likes soggy popcorn??

The main came all together on one of my favourite serving plates; simple metal dish with smaller bowls for each element. The garlic and coriander naan was large and flavoursome and not too crispy, so perfectly soaked up all the extra sauce. The Mughal tandoori came as chicken on the bone in a creamy sauce; a bit of manoeuvring to get the chicken off the bone but the chicken was well cooked with crisp skin in the flavoursome sauce. 

The vegetable thoran was slightly smaller than expected but delicious otherwise, adding a needed freshness and different spice to the meal. The beetroot raita, however, was something else; deliciously creamy with the hint of beetroot and fabulous pink colour- easily the unexpected highlight of the meal 

The Allergies 

Although a set menu all staff were really accommodating with allergies. The chicken dish had a sauce with nuts in which wasn't stated on the menu however when the staff found out they made a fresh sauce as close to the original for my mum which was a nice touch. Although the menu was set we were offered other parts to the menu but I didn't feel pushed to add more to our meal which can often happen with deals and festivals. 

Overall, the meal was really nice and I would recommend heading down for a crowd (family) pleasing meal with different elements- a lack of vegetarian options would be my only criticism to the meal, however, there are many other vegetarian options on the October best website; I can't wait to try another one soon.

Let me know in the comments if you're heading to any of the October best restaurants, or where you think I should head next

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