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I love a good book, so much so I have had a book nook in my last two houses, and cookbooks are no exception! I get one almost every birthday and am forever popping into shops to see if there is anything new. If I am honest, and this is completely my mum's fault, I usually use them as inspiration rather than step by step guides; I love flicking through cookbooks each Sunday to come up with a meal plan but when it comes to it we often do an interpretation of the recipe. 

Anyway...I recently did a big clear out of the flat and the cookbooks did take a hit but I thought, as I only have my favourites right now, I would do a run down of my current cookbook collection and highlight some of my must-haves!

Jamie Oliver

I'm a fan of Jamie, I know he isn't for everyone, but his books are a great go to for a midweek meal especially when you have food in but you're just not sure how to put it all together. 

My must have  Jamie book is definitely 5 ingredients. I love almost all of the pasta dishes in there, especially for quicker meal (the easy sausage carbonara is a great one!) and we love the harissa chicken traybake as well. It's saying that the Veg book is a close runner up, we are trying to be mindful of our meat intake so it's been a go to recently.

Nadiya Hussain

I have been a fan of Nadiya since her first day's on bake off and ever since. My mum and I religiously watch her programmes and buy her books, we even went to see her do a talk last year on her personal memoir. I also can't go without mentioning that I met her, she came along to my IRL job and I even featured in her programme about her own journey with mental health. 

My must have of her books is definitely a time to eat, there's a few great recipes in there but I really love the one-tray peanut chicken and the egg rolls are a go to weekday breakfast. I also love the look of the choc-lime roulade but haven't had a chance to make it yet.

Rukmini Iyer- Roasting Tin

These are actually a new find thanks to a friend at work and I love them, and because of them now have a new obsession with giant couscous! Another great one for a midweek meal but also Sunday lunch prep. 

It's a tough choice but I think we use QUICK more often. I really love the green (vegetarian and vegan) version but the chickpea, halloumi and giant couscous and chorizo recipes in QUICK makes it an absolute favourite in our house. 

Great British Bake Off

Okay so these I follow a little closer, you can wing a lot of recipes but cakes and cakes require a certain level of measuring...most of the time. I definitely use these as inspiration in terms of flavours and putting my own spin on things. 

If I have to recommend one as a must have I think it would be the classic cakes and biscuits book; it's set out in stages of difficulty and I love the amount of images to help you to know each step.

All the others...

The rest of my books are a little less structured but still some great ones. I love the Thomasina book for hosting and cooking for a crowd, I haven't actually used the Wagamama one yet but am excited to this autumn!

This collection doesn't actually include my favourite cookbook of all; my homemade one. Just before I went off to university my mum gave me a cookbook of family recipes and staples and I have had it ever since and whenever Henry and I find any we love, we add them into there as well. 

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