8 things I wish I'd known before wedding dress shopping

So, big things are happening in my little world of wedding planning and I really want to start getting some of it on the blog (yes I know, not strictly food content but I'm excited!). 

After you get engaged there are so many things that run through your mind; things to plan, people to tell, things to buy! But one of the things that I was almost immediately excited about was buying the dress. A few weeks after my mum was already trying to get me to book wedding shop fittings and looking at styles and after a few months of searching (both on Pinterest and a lot of shops), I finally found one! But it wasn't easy, finding the perfect dress can be stressful but it's so much fun as well. 

So to help any newly engaged brides or people who have left it to the last minute (how?!!) here are some things I wish I knew before going dress shopping:

1. Underwear is important! 
Not just so it doesn't show through the dress but because in most boutiques they put you in the dress, so you're going to be in your underwear in front of someone make sure they're nice.

2. Wear your hair similar to how you think you'll have it on the day. 
You don't need the exact style but if you're probably going for an updo then stick your hair in a ponytail to see how you like each dress with that style, and it helps with to veil or not to veil.

3. Videos are better than pictures. 
A lot of people say not to take pictures in the dress because it'll never look as good by a dodgy iPhone angle in weird lighting! However, where you can, take a video from a few angles so you can see the bits you missed and then delete them after so you don't obsess.

4. You probably don't know what you want. 
I was so sure of what I wanted when I started shopping. I'd been pinning for a while and so was pretty set but funnily enough, the dress is nowhere near that and I love it. Be open-minded, you never know what'll suit you!

5. Sometimes they fit, sometimes they don't. 
I had such a mixed bag with dress sizing, in some of the shops I went to every dress fit like a dream but in others, they were a few sizes too small. Try not to be disheartened, they tend to have one 'medium' size in the shop but everywhere is different and a lot of places will make it look as close as they can.

6. Spread the bookings out. 
For me I found it difficult to separate out some of the dresses, every shop you're in is really different but they can start to blur. Spread out the dress shop bookings so you don't start to feel overwhelmed but also don't hold out for one shop, you might find it in the first shop!

7. Know your budget
It's boring and slightly less magical but you need to know a rough budget walking in. A lot of places hang their dresses by price range so if you can't afford it, just don't look! When you walk in you're generally told to pick a few to start; try not to be tempted to pick one 'just to see' you'll only be disappointed. 

8. Enjoy it
I was so nervous when I was in the first few dress shops, I have no idea why but I think it was just the pressure. But if there is one bit of advice it's to enjoy it... do the twirls, try on all the accessories and all the styles. You'll remember these shops for a long time so make it a happy memory.

Would you like to see more wedding content on here? There's a few more big decisions to make and then it's onto the little details and the DIY projects! 

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