2019 Life update

So, maybe you don’t care at all or maybe you haven’t even noticed I’ve been gone but it's been a little while since I last posted and a couple of things have changed. So I thought I’d do a little life update to restart regular blog posts again and update you on where the bloody hell I've been!

So other than a quick family holiday to France, some foodies events and most recently a very brief but very exciting debut on BBC there are two big updates; 

1. The Wedding

So as you may or may not know we got engaged! Henry proposed and since then I’ve spent a lot of my spare time planning, budgeting and shopping. I’m going to be doing some regular posts around the wedding and what we are doing to plan it soon which hopefully will be something different but something people will enjoy. We already have a venue sorted (which is apparently half the battle), the colour scheme and cake sorted and the guest list pretty much there but there's still a lot more to do. Who knew there was so much to organise and decide?!

I am looking forward to getting some of the finer details sorted and of course finding THE dress so I will keep you all updated on here! We’ve also decided to do our wedding on a pretty strict budget so let me know if you’d like to see more about the budget and how we are finding our inspiration for the wedding.

2. The House

We moved. We were living in central Hove but we, in quite a quick turn over, decided to up and move and head west to Worthing. We weren’t looking to move any time soon but had a look, found a beautiful little house within our budget and moved 3 weeks later. Obviously, this has taken up a lot of our time; mainly because we didn’t have internet for the first 4 weeks (who knew how much we depended on it!) but we are finally feeling settled and comfortable.. and have wifi!

For the blog its not going to mean a huge change, I am still going to be featuring mainly Brighton based restaurants and businesses but I am excited to also find out what Worthing has to offer for food and drink, so any recommendations would be great- I already have my eye on the soon to open Pitch, the new restaurant to be open by Kenny Tutt; last years winner of Masterchef.

The other change is with my kitchen, although I liked my kitchen at the old place we were in a basement flat, so lighting for cooking videos and posts was definitely limited. With our new kitchen I have a lot more freedom to make more recipe content so keep an eye on my Instagram for some fun new things, and of course more recipe mosts of here!

So I think that’s all up to date. I have been lucky enough to do some exciting things and try some new places over the last month as well so there will be blog posts about that coming very soon and as always, anything you would like to see let me know on here or follow me on my Instagram for more updates, foodie posts and insta stories!

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