Brighton BB heads to bake off- The Big London Bake

Ready, set, bake! And bake we did...I have always wanted to step into the GBBO tent, it's one of my favourite programmes (obviously, as any normal person, I prefer the BBC version) and there is nothing more my mum and I love than to watch it together, or to watch it apart and text through every second. So when mum was gifted tickets to The Big London Bake I was so excited, and a little bit competitive!

The set up is simple. 90 minutes to complete a recipe that is provided and then flavour and decorate. You work in teams of two or three and there are around 16 people in the tent. For our competition we had to make a twist on a battenberg which included making the sponge, butter cream and a fruit jam to seal the layers. 

Once we had the recipe started next it was time to get creative. There was a corner full of things to make your bake unique; from flavourings like popcorn and rum, fruits, nuts and a range of cordials and chocolates. Initially, overwhelmed would be an understatement but mum and I quickly settled on a mojito-inspired cake. The cake flavours we went with were lime and mint for the green squares and coconut on the white layer. 

We made a raspberry jam for in between the layers and covered the cake in a rum and lime buttercream. The fondant covering the cake we did not flavour or colour but instead left white- because we're classy like that! 

To decorate mum and I worked together to make coloured fondant leaves and flowers and then added coconut shavings and white chocolate buttons. was time to be judged!

I loved the way that the whole thing was taken so seriously. Everyone put full effort into their cake and into their decoration and the judging was just as full on; with the 'head baker' tasting and commenting on each element of the cake whilst everyone else stood and watched. 

For ours, and this is just a classic humble brag, her comments were along the lines of:
"A light sponge", "Great buttercream" and my favourite "dare I say perfect!"

We had 5 minutes to mingle while she decided and then it was announced... WE WON!

Although the experience was a competition and time sensitive it was so much fun. From the bake-off tent which was fully kitted with individual fridges and all the equipment we needed, to the range of ingredients and 90's hits playing it was a great day. I can't recommend the experience enough and even if you don't win, you will get a great day and a delicious cake at the end of it!

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