My top 3 autumnal Brighton walks

October is here which means full-blown autumn is just around the corner! I love autumn weather, from the crisp sunny mornings to the rainy wrap-yourself-warm Sundays. Don't get me wrong I love a sofa day with Netflix and hot chocolate but sometimes its great to get out in it all. Autumn is my favourite time to go for walks, I love the crunch of the leaves and the change in the familiar woods. So here are my top 3 autumnal walks to try this autumn in Brighton:

The woods in Stanmer Park

I absolutely love Stanmer Park in the summer, there isn't much that beats sitting on the green next to the county house with a picnic in the sun. But my favourite time to walk through the woods is at the turn of autumn, I love the mix of golden and fallen leaves. Stanmer park has always been a special place to me and even more so now that it is the place Henry proposed. 

My favourite walks are the woods behind the house or the fields, starting in Stanmer village and curving around.

Must bring: 
Wellies or good walking shoes because it's muddy
Camera for those small details and the towering trees
Phone for when you inevitably get lost amongst the trees 

Devils Dyke

If you're from Brighton you have been to Devil's Dyke. Whether it was a school trip where you were dragged the whole way up from the roundabout, or for the roast in their cosy pub with a view. But sometimes we forget that all around the pub there are some amazing views and walks. This is one that has more hills and is better on a clear day but, as a short girl, I love looking over villages and fields and up at the graceful kite surfers. 

Must bring: 
Shoes you don't mind getting dirty because it can get really muddy
Trousers or thick tights for all the fences you climb
Hat, when the wind is hitting you on one side of the face you're going to want to cover your ears
Sunglasses so you can see the view on a clearer day 
Money; you want to get into that pub for one of their roasts or a hot chocolate

The Beach and Undercliff

So definitely the longest of these walks, you can do this all together or break it up into two. For me, I like to break it up but I know plenty of people who will walk the distance. From Hove beach through town and under the cliffs past the marina is an amazing walk! As a Brightonion, I love the sea, whether it's the calm rippling or the crashing waves, I can stare it out for hours. 

Once you get to the undercliff it becomes even more magical; as if in your own corridor the towering cliffs alongside the crashing waves is always a great walk in windy weather. To get back you can either cut up to Rottingdean and jump on the seaside bus or turn round and walk back. Depending on the weather, both can be nice options and with the marina at the end, you can always be met with a nice meal!

Must bring:
Waterproof for the inevitable wave
Waterproof shoes for those waves that just about made it
Any flat stones you can find for skimming stones on the wave
Change for a cheeky ice cream on the journey

Where is your favourite place to walk in Brighton? Let me know in the comments below

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