Coal Shed, The October Best menu

October Best is officially here and I have already been out to try one of their limited time menus. Henry and I headed to The Coal shed; a steak restaurant in the Brighton laines. I have been lucky enough to have dinner here before so was so pleased to see that they were a part of October Best this year.

To start there are three options to choose from; a citrus and kombu cured salmon, a ham hock croquette or a tempura cauliflower. Both Henry and I went for the ham hock option and it was stunning. The croquettes kept their crispy exterior without drying out the ham hock inside. I loved the sides that came with this as well, with the mustard sauce and diced pickles were a great mix of textures and flavours. 

For the main, there are again three choices. Chose between a beer-braised brisket, a fire roasted plaice or a pea and mint arancini with a whipped goat's curd. So that we could try a range Henry and I picked different mains. My fire roasted plaice was absolutely delish and the little bits of chorizo added an extra layer of flavour. I would definitely recommend adding a side for that extra element. 

Henry's brisket came with red cabbage and truffle mash. The carrots on the side were too salty for my taste but the mash was a delicious, buttery and you could taste the truffle coming through as well. The beef itself was falling apart and it was a great rich dish as a weekday treat.

To finish, after much deliberation, we both went for the almond and raspberry tarte. The pastry was perfectly crumbly and the raspberry coulee was sharp but a great compliment to the almond filling. I loved the white chocolate ice cream as well, a flavour that could have been lost but was delicious. 

It was a great kick-off to the October Best festival and a lovely weekday date night. I can't wait to try some of the other restaurants' offerings asap. Check out my top 7 October Best recommendations here

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