Three Stack move to Hove

I am a breakfast person. I can never turn down a good brunch and I love waking up on a weekend and taking time to make an amazing breakfast. I don't have a preference, savoury or sweet. But something that fits for everyone is pancakes. 

I am not sure how I managed to miss Three Stack at their previous home in town, I always heard good things but just never seemed to be near it at the weekend. When I heard they were coming to Hove, and to somewhere literally round the corner from my house, I was so excited! I headed down on their opening night to see what all of the fuss was about.

Firstly lets talk about the decor. The newly fitted cafe is stunning. A perfect combination of real plants and plan white walls with plenty of tables and plugs for computers, it is a perfect spot for working with a side order of pancakes. The venue itself (The Villas) is a community building which already has a small cafe and a large soft play area, with a grassy area outside which is great in both sun and rain. 

The pancakes themselves were being made-to-order outside the venue in their kitchen. The menu varied from a vegan option of blueberries and vegan yogurt to the indulgent Choc Overload which was a stunning mixture of chocolate pancakes  Oreos, chocolate chip and chocolate sauce. 

At only £5 per pancakes (£6 for the vegan) the price is reasonable for the size of the portion. 

The mothers and I went for something in between; a banoffee pie pancake for me and fresh and fruity for them. My banoffee pie was a perfect combination of tangy yogurt, crunchy biscuit and sweet caramel sauce. The pancakes were perfectly light and the three medium size pancakes were a perfect portion size. 

My mothers both went for the fresh and fruity which was a combination of fruit; strawberry, blueberry and banana (they didn't have banana as they are both allergic to bananas). The fruit was fresh and a nice mix with the sweet pancake. 

I am so excited to head back to enjoy one of their coffees or a Bird and Blend (formally Bluebird) tea that they also have on offer, with a side of perfect pancakes soon.

Check out their website to find more about them and what they offer, I know I'm tempted to hire them for an event soon- maybe even the next Brighton Blogger event?

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