L'atelier Du Vin Brightom, The opening

I love this city. As a true Brightonion, I can, at times, forget how much I love the city I live in. But when you get invited to places as unique as L'atelier du Vin, I remember how exciting is it to live in this seaside town. 

If you are looking for something a bit different this weekend, then head to L'atelier du Vin; a brand new prohibition bar and restaurant hidden away in the North laines.

The venue itself was decorated entirely by the owner and has a perfect mix of themed props and classy decor, it gives the whole place a comfortable yet exclusive vibe which I loved. Alongside the decor is the main attraction, the alcohol. With 580 wines and over 300 spirits, it can easily boast the biggest selection- but with well trained and helpful staff, the menu didn't feel overwhelming or cluttered at all.

Whilst at the opening, we were lucky enough to try some of the charcuterie. A beautiful selection of cheese and cold meats were presented on stunning plates with an in-depth description and accompanying wines. On the menu, there will be a beautiful cut of the ever-exclusive wagyu beef- with a serious price tag but an even more serious experience it is something I hope to come back and try soon.

What I truly loved about L'atelier du Vin was the small touches. From the perfectly themed yet elegant cocktail menu, to the individually layered pennies on the bar. The decor included a mix of exposed brick and mismatched furniture, but has a well thought out and welcoming atmosphere.

It's the personal touches that really set this venue apart. Even providing named knives for regular customers and accommodating a range of budgets and tastes for all. 

Too long have we waited for something uniquely stunning like this and with that many drink options, where could you possibly go wrong? I can't wait to spend an evening here with close friends and great wines (and of course a good selection of cheese)!

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