My favourite autumn drinks

There's nothing like autumnal evenings with warming drinks and cosy blankets! But sometimes finding the perfect autumnal drink can cause that extra bit of stress when you're trying to get your Hygge on! So here are my recommendations for the best hot drinks for this autumn season:

Spicy Pumpkin Pie tea from Bluebird Tea Co
I love the chai spice and black tea richness of this spiced pumpkin pie. The addition of Halloween sprinkles makes this festive tea a comforting evening tea; this one you can have with or without milk which is a nice touch!

Another Bluebird Tea Co classic for the autumn season is their Carrot Cake Roobis tea. It is a perfectly warm and sweet tea, I love this one in the morning before my autumn walks to work.

For those of you who aren't a fan of tea, this is the other option for those dark, dark mornings. Henry got a cafetiere this year for his birthday and since then we have fallen in love with a morning coffee! To make it extra special add a good amount of caramel syrup (ours was from HomeSense) after you have poured your coffee, then top with frothed milk! No need for a frother just microwave it and shake it up in a protein shaker (careful it doesn't explode).

And of course, you cannot beat a nice sweet treat! I love a hot chocolate as much as the next girl but for these cosy evenings you always have to add something extra; for me, it is an all-out hot chocolate with full fat squirty (whipped) cream, mini marshmallows and a grating of milk chocolate over the top. 

What are your all-time favourite autumn drinks? Let me know on my Instagram what your top recommendation is for a comforting hot drink.

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