17 things to do in autumnal Brighton

As I am sure you can tell, I am a big lover of Autumn. I love so many things from the weather, the leaves and the colours to the general feeling of cosiness! I especially love it in Brighton because there is always so much to do to enjoy this season, so in case you're visiting or are just looking for some ideas here are my top 17 things to do in autumnal Brighton.

  1. Frolic in the fallen leaves at Stanmer Park 
  2. Head to one of the Octoberbest featured restaurant to eat until your full to the brim
  3. Watch the sunset with a hot chocolate in a flask on the beach 
  4. Spend a night in with loved ones under cosey blankets binge-watching a Netflix series
  5. Catch the kite surfers strimming along the hove sea 
  6. Have a drink with friends in front of the fire at a cosy pub
  7. Spend the night in with an autumnal candle burning, decorating for the coming seasons
  8. Head to a farm and pick your own fruit and vegetables- and if you're lucky a giant pumpkin too
  9. Bake; it doesn't matter what or even if it goes well. But the smell of baked sugary goods always reminds me of autumn! 
  10. Make the ultimate hot chocolate, no holds barred! I'm talking whisked milk, squirty cream, marshmallows AND chocolate shavings
  11. Go the Duke of York's to watch a film and then layer up for a cosy stroll home
  12. Start a hobby inspired by one of the many stalls at Brighton open market, and then use that hobby to make your Christmas presents later on
  13. Treat yourself to some thick woolly socks from a shop in the Laines and then wear them to work every day... just because you can!
  14. Find a new favourite tea from the special autumn collections at Bluebird Tea co 
  15. Go conker picking at Hove park whilst taking some great pictures in the trees. Why not even go old school and play?!
  16. Decorate a pumpkin- either conventional or one of the alternative pumpkin ideas on Pinterest
  17. Have friends over for a Halloween night in- stock up on Halloween cocktails and snacks and watch a scary film (make sure it's at your house though so you don't have to travel home)

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