12 things no one tells you about your period

Before you get your period all you hear are horror stories and weird myths, but what they don't tell you are all the other things involved. If you start your period early, like me, then you spend years trying to hide it and pretend it hasn't happened, and if you're late to start then you spend forever praying that it will start so that you're not the last one.
But even well into our twenties, short of complaining about the odd cramp we still don't really talk about it. So here are the things we never say and that I wish I had been told... 14 years ago!

  1. Sometimes, for no reason at all, periods just start.
    No warning just a sudden start and a lot of toilet roll wrapped around your pants, with the realisation of why you were crying over pie!
  2. Sometimes periods are late, for no reason at all!
    You spend 24 hours planning out the way you're going to break to your mum that you're pregnant.. and it's definitely going to be twins and you'll have to move, and your body will never be the same again
  3. It's the time of the month where you want to have sex the most, not fair. 
  4. Sleeping.. don't be silly. Your room is suddenly a sauna, in the desert, sitting on the sun.
  5. There are so many options of what to use when you're on your period, but chances are by 16 you'll have your trusty pad/tampon/cup and that's what you'll be sticking to!
  6. Every so often you forget you're on your period and then there's the 'plop'
  7. Sneezing. You'll try everything you can to stop it from happening, but it will and it's horrible.
  8. Sometimes you think it's finished.. but JK it's back!! 
  9. At some point, you will ruin sheets, not just when you're young either RIP John Lewis daisy sheets.
  10. All you want to do is eat, everything and anything! Sweet, but not too sweet. Savoury, but not that savoury thing. Not the thing that he's brought, but the thing he was going to buy!
  11. You will always think that you have leaked, most of the time you haven't, but when it does happen it will always be those 'nice pants' that you risked because you are bad at planning and/or timings
  12. It's okay to wear your comfy period pants, they are ugly, old and probably have holes in! But for these 3-5 days, you are allowed!
It can be horrendous, painful and make you feel like Mr. Bobbly but we are absolute superwomen who each month have the possibility to make a life. But don't forget.. you are no less of super women for taking duvet days, Netflix and a large bar of Galaxy chocolate!

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