A letter to my mothers

Dear mothers, 

Happy mothers day. Although you will have already had your mothers day card and your surprise I just wanted to write you a list of thank yous. They are the thank yous that I forgot to say when I was younger... or that I still forget to say now that I am older, and still making mistakes.

Thank you for being there for me
Thank you for listening to me when I rant about boys/work/friends
Thank you for all of the food you let me steal out the fridge
Thank you for never judging my choices and letting me make my own mistakes
Thank you for dealing with my messiness when I was at home
Thank you for all the presents, gifts and lent money
Thank you for always letting me have control of the remote
Thank you for the lifts home when I was drunk 
Thank you for hangover cures the day after
Thank you for accepting and fuelling my Disney addiction
Thank you for always lending me socks and pyjamas when I come to stay
Thank you for always being on my side even when I have a been a bit of a bitch
Thank you for the advice that I listen to
Thank you for the advice I didn't listen to but will always remember
Thank you for loving each other 

Thank you for being my people and always being there for me.


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