15 questions mixed race girls always get asked

I have never had an issues around being mixed race. I am from a very... eclectic family and there has never been any issues for me around my race/ethnicity. I am lucky enough to live in a very diverse and accepting city BUT sometimes even I feel like there are certain questions I am sick of answering.
  1. What are you?
  2. So which parent is the black one?
  3. Why do you never wear your hair straight?
  4. Why do you never wear your hair curly?
  5. Can you tan?
  6. Where are you from? 
  7. No where are you REALLY from?
  8. What would happen if you went on a sunbed?
  9. Oh you're name is ......... how do you spell that?
  10. Thats not racist, right?
  11. Hey do you know (insert random mixed race person in the same city)?
  12. Can I touch your hair?
  13. What would happen if you had children with (insert any race)?
  14. Is that your real hair?
  15. Do you speak loads of different languages then?
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Note: These annoyances could apply to all ethnicities, but my experience is that of a mixed race person

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  1. I have been asked all those questions it's nice to find someone who has had the same experiences.
    I'm not from Brighton though


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