Where we ate in Amsterdam

I'm writing this in the height of holiday blues, wrapped in a duvet, awaiting a vegetable-heavy stir fry and watching the absolute classic that is Maid in Manhattan. I have decided (to draw out the holiday as far as I can) to do my Amsterdam posts in two halves. 

Now, in the interest of being honest, this is not everything that I ate. There may or may not have been a sneaky McDonalds when we first landed and a couple of other snacks on the way but this is a selection of my favourite things that I had whilst I was out there. 


 This fresh mint tea was served everywhere and it was a really refreshing drink to have among all the pastry and carbs!

Hotel room/on the go snacks

We found a great supermarket called Albert Heijn which sold a range of fresh and packaged goods. And who can turn down treats and snacks from another country?! We got a great selection of 'tapas' snacks, flavoured crisps and pre-made rolls. 

Sweet dutch treats

 These little beauties are called Poffertjes; they are basically mini pancakes that have been puffed up. The classic way to serve them is with a wedge of butter and a sprinkling of sugar. They are absolutely gorgeous, and I will definitely be recreating these.. but maybe with a touch less sugar and butter. 

 This Gevulde Koeken is essentially an almond cookie: two cookies sandwiched together with a crispy outside and soft frangipane-like centre... and it was great!

Stroofwafel. I had actually seen these quite a few times; miniature versions served cold and stacked in a cellophane bag. However, you have to try these fresh! We stumbled across, we later learnt, the stall that sells the original Stroopwaffel at Albert Cuyp Market and it was such a treat!
This one was fresh off the grill and served about the size of my face.. the syrup inside wasn't set yet which made for a stringy, gooey, amazingness. Not the easiest to eat whilst walking through the market but worth it.

Additional notes of foods to try whilst there; anything from the FEBO vending machines, just for the experience. The infamous chips and mayonnaise, or if you can, the satay sauce! And finally.. and maybe less foodie of me, the Fritesauce from McDonalds is something else!

Have you been to Amsterdam lately? What were you favourite things to try?


  1. The food looks so good! Ive always wanted to go to amsterdam - did you have a good time?!!?


    1. I had a great time, can't wait to get back there and try even more of their national snacks!

  2. Oh my gosh, the frites and satay sauce were absolutely to die for, I wish there was somewhere we could get them here in Brighton!!


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